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Senin, 07 Juli 2014

List Vps With Coupon Cheap Prices

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Srvify is managed by a well established and incredibly experienced team, we aim to provide you with incredible value while keeping support to an exceptional standard. Know your business is in safe hands and will be available at all times, join our other satisfied customers now.


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★★ SOVPS-1 ★★

ONLY $1.99

Regularly $7.95 per month

512MB Guaranteed Ram

1024MB Burstable

100GB Disk Space

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★★ SOVPS-2 ★★

ONLY $3.98

Regularly $15.95 per month

2GB Guaranteed Ram

3GB Burstable

150GB Disk Space

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★★ SOVPS-3 ★★

ONLY $5.74

Regularly $22.95 per month

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4GB Guaranteed Ram

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– Standard Features —

  • SolusVM Control Panel

  • Dallas Datacenter

  • 1 IPv4 Address

  • 1 GB Port Speed

  • RAID 10 Disk Arrays

  • Access to 4 Cores

  • Instant Activation (upon payment)

  • Adult Sites Allowed

  • Instant Scalability

  • Free site migrations between similar control panels.

– OS Selection –
  • CentOS 6.5

  • CentOS 6.5 w/ cPanel Auto Installer

  • Debian 7.3

  • Ubuntu 13.10

  • ArchLinux 2014

If we do not have your preferred flavor of linux please contact us and we will gladly make a copy available for you.

On top of all our fantastic offers, we also often launch limited flash deals. Keep a close eye on our website or twitter/facebook and you may be able to catch one of these amazing deals! There’s only a few so move fast and claim yours.
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Jumat, 04 Juli 2014

Get Free Cheap Domain com $0.99

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Cheap Domain .com $0.99

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Selasa, 01 Juli 2014

10 Predicts Human Life in 2025

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Change is inevitable. And rapid. Included in the field of science and technology. Recently, Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters released 'The World in 2025: 10 Predictions of Innovation' - prediction of innovation in 2025. Based on a review of global patent data and scientific literature.

So what kind of human life 11 years from now?

Pilot's license could eat into a symbol of maturity, not only driving license (SIM) or a motor car. Also the quantum teleportation will be possible, and everything in everyday life - from home to the newspapers - becoming digital.

To conduct the study, the researchers identified 10 scientific fields is developed based on the analysis of popular topics using the Thomson Reuters Web of Science.

They also examine the global patent data in Derwent World Patents Index to identify 10 areas of invention patents with the highest number since 2012. Also 'hot spots' of innovation that will lead to the biggest breakthroughs in the future.
"Instead of using a crystal ball (to predict) we have the best sources: citations of scientific literature and patent content," said Basil Moftah, chairman of Thomson Reuters IP and Science in the release, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (01/07/2014 )
Analysis of current research and commercial activity became the basis for the prediction of the most exciting developments that will emerge in the next decade.

Moftah added, the hardest thing is to choose 10 final prediction of the many citations and journal. "Determining the top ten major debate," he said.

"There are a lot of investment going on in the field of science and technology throughout the world, and as usual, there is a wide range and field research conducted in universities and institutions. '

One of the predictions contained in the report mentions, solar power will be the biggest source of energy on Earth in 2025.

Based on the scientific papers of the most widely cited within 2 years, the process of harvesting and converting solar energy will be more advanced. In the end, according to the scientists, which occurred more than aware of the environment: solar energy will be used by the majority of the world population.

Not only that, DNA mapping will also be the most promising. "Within the next 10 years, through the birth of DNA mapping will become commonplace, said Moftah.
The researchers also predict teleportation test will be more frequent. "Thanks to the research project that later became the Higgs Boson."

Scientific literature related to the Higgs Boson more festive, or known as the 'God particle'. More than 400 in 2012. Thing, they said, is considered a key indicator that the scientists will try quantum teleportation techniques more ambitious. What else?

Here are 10 forecast the future in the year 2015:

1. Rates of dementia
Figures dementia will decline. Dementia is caused by a decrease in functional abnormalities that occur in the brain. According to reports, in 2015, 'Baby Boomers' - babies born during the explosion of births after World War II between 1946 and 1964 - will reach their 80s and above. There will be more funds disbursed scientific research related to the suffering they may face.

2. Energy of the sun
Methods of harvesting, storing and converting solar energy will become more advanced and efficient. Solar power will be the main source of energy on our planet.

3. Diabetes Type 1
Modify the human genome dream will become a reality, making the prevention of diabetes, such as type 1 diabetes, becomes possible. Diabetes mellitus type 1 diabetes that occurs is due to reduced insulin ratio in blood circulation due to the loss of insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreatic islands of Langerhans. Can be suffered by children and adults.

4. Lack of food ends
Thanks to advances in lighting technology and imaging techniques, coupled with the genetic modification of plants, food shortages and food price fluctuations will become part of the past.

5. Aircraft Electrical
Lightweight aerospace engineering and new battery technology would allow electric-powered transportation more and more go on land, as well as air.
Micro-commercial aircraft will fly in the sky, serving short-haul routes. The new type of aircraft can take off and land at smaller areas, getting a pilot's license can be a mature person's identity in the 21st Century.

6. Digitization
Everything will digitization. From the car to the house, can respond to what the user wants. The same system is used for connecting your geographic area, as well as any man.
"Imagine a day when the entire continent of Africa is really, digitally connected," wrote the researchers. "That day will happen in 2025."

7. Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly packaging that is 100 percent biodegradable will be normal. While petroleum-based packaging will not exist anymore.

8. Cancer Treatment
Cancer treatment will have fewer toxic side effects. Drug development will be much more precise, specific and binding proteins using antibodies to deliver precise mechanism of action.
Effects of toxic chemicals that weaken the patient will be significantly reduced.

9. Mapping of DNA
The evolution of nanotechnology, coupled with the technology of 'Big Data' wider - which combines data from many different people, making the mapping of DNA (DNA mapping) at birth will become commonplace, also health test once a year. These things allow the disease can be identified.

10. Teleportation of quantum
Although in 2025 humans will not be able to do teleportation inter-space, and a significant investment in testing quantum teleportation will take place with the use of other forms of matter 'exotic', which will prove the concept is not only possible but would be very useful.

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Senin, 30 Juni 2014

Addmefast Imacros Script New !

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Minggu, 29 Juni 2014

Make Money From Youtube Ebook

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How Make Money From Youtube

Special Report On

Making Money From


Ver 1.0

NOTICE: This manual is provided along with a single use license for Tube Automator. It may not be resold, reprinted, published online, or given away.

This publication is copyright © Novasoft Inc, 2007, may not be edited, distributed

or re-compiled without express written permission from the Novasoft Inc.

-----------------------------------------------------Page 1-----------------------------------------------------



This is a simple no fluff document outlining the methods I personally use to make money from youtube.

Please do not discount the shortness in the presentation. If you follow the steps I have outlined you can make a decent amount of money in your part time.

OK now let’s get on with this…


This publication is copyright © Novasoft Inc, 2007, may not be edited, distributed

or re-compiled without express written permission from the Novasoft Inc.              2

-----------------------------------------------------Page 2-----------------------------------------------------

Step#1 - Sign up at a CPA network.

I monetize the traffic that I get from Youtube by sending them to CPA offers. If you don't know what a CPA offer is, well its basically like an affiliate network where they pay you every time a visitor you refer fills out a form. Getting people to fill out forms in exchange for some kind of freebie that the advertiser is offering is real easy

I personally use Azoogle and MillnicMedia . If you have an account at these or any other CPA network, that will suffice. If you don't then I suggest you signup at azoogle.

Step#2 – Find a good offer to monetize

I usually find offers that give away something free and are in vogue. For example, a free iPhone. The iphone is a very hot product right now and people are crazy about it.

Find such an offer with the network you have signed up for. Try and pick an offer that has a landing page that is well designed and has a “call to action”

Typically a well designed landing page is designed in such a way that the only action the visitor can do is to fill out the form or close the page.

Pick out two to three good offers and save the affiliate links to a file.

Step #3 - Download the video conversion software.

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Kamis, 26 Juni 2014

Earn Money unlocking cell phones remotely

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Make easy money with unlocking cell phones remotely

easy money with unlocking cell phones

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Selasa, 24 Juni 2014

Free Vps 60 Days

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Free Vps 2014

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